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Technology Implementation



Expert Guidance and Proven Methodology


imkore's resources are recognized as the foremost experts in leading real estate technology solutions having managed the implementation of primary financial and business systems on behalf of many of the world’s largest real estate companies.  


imkore has significant experience optimizing all processes and implementing systems related to global real estate operations. This experience includes both macro-level strategic optimization, as well as micro-level system based process design. It is the first-hand operational experience of our resources that augments their ability to discover processes, define requirements, and drive system design decisions.


Incorporating Best Practices into Your Process

imkore has successfully completed hundreds of implementations for a variety of software applications including Yardi, ResMan, MRI, OneSite, Entrata and many more.


We employ a detailed implementation methodology proven time and again to achieve anticipated results and deliver effective solutions to our clients on time and on budget.

Each phase of the system implementation project has a structured set of deliverables that build upon the previous phase, intimately involve client interaction, and focus upon knowledge transfer to client personnel. Also, each of these phases is accompanied by continuous project management and change management designed to facilitate the most comprehensive adoption by the client. Program disciplines, techniques, and tools are used to plan and execute the work, manage the change acceptance and change realization process, and the incremental delivery of new value.

As part of our approach, imkore takes the time to understand YOUR company.  Each client culture is unique, just like the DNA of an individual, and we feel it is important to understand the dynamics of an organization and harness the strengths of your company culture to help the business transformation process. Best of breed solutions implemented, but not adopted, have limited value. Best practices defined and documented but not executed, have limited value.  imkore believes in leveraging each organization’s culture to embrace change and empower adoption.

Given the breadth of our experience, we have developed numerous accelerators around the most widely used industry applications, including questionnaires, deliverable templates, and system procedural outlines and testing methodologies.  These will expedite the evaluation and optimization of your business processes while reducing the overall project cost, possibility of project failure, and cost overruns. Further, these tools have been carefully designed to capture the current state of your operations, identify improvement opportunities and develop a comprehensive future state operating model.


  • Affordable Housing

  • PHA

  • Multifamily

  • Student Housing

  • Senior Living

  • Condo, Co-op, HOA

  • Office, Industrial & Retail

  • Coworking & Shared Spaces

  • Single Family Homes

  • Investment Management

Find out how imkore can help streamline your implementation:

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